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 Do you enjoy a good project? Sometimes, it’s nice to have a task to get your mind working and your hands moving. Some people like to make scrapbooks, build vision boards, or clean the house. Others are avid at-home mechanics who enjoy working on their cars in their garage. Sound like you? If so, you might need parts for your next task.

If you’re searching for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Hyundai parts for your Hyundai vehicle, you can turn to the parts center at McDonald Hyundai for assistance. Local at-home mechanics near Littleton, Parker, and Castle Rock, Colorado, can place their orders here to find the quality components they need.

Find the Genuine OEM Parts

 You Need Do you love driving your Hyundai? A quality driving experience calls for quality parts. That’s why we use genuine OEM parts for our repairs, and we’ll sell you the same materials for your at-home repairs, too. We also offer genuine Hyundai accessories.

Our selection of OEM parts fits Hyundai vehicles like yours because they were specifically engineered for the job! You don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for a component when you can find one made for your specific model and trim.

Order Parts Online

When you’re ready to place an order, you can do so right from our website. It only takes a few minutes to fill out our online order form. First, give us your contact information and tell us about your specific Hyundai so we can find the parts that fit your ride just right.

Then, let us know which parts you’re requesting. If you’re not sure which part you need for your planned project, you can also contact our parts center team online for assistance. You can order up to three parts at once, and when we receive your request, we’ll get to work acquiring the components you need to succeed.

Hyundai Tire Center Is it time for a fresh set of tires? In addition to our parts center, our Hyundai dealership offers a tire center that can provide all types of tires for your car. From all-weather to seasonal tires, we’ll set you on the right path.

You can take your tires home and install them yourself upon purchase, or have our technicians do it on the spot!


Our Service Team Can Help

What about if you find yourself facing a repair you’ve never tried before, or prefer to get help from a professional? You can talk to our trained service technicians for help with your parts installation, repair, or other maintenance needs.

Our service center staff has experience taking care of vehicles like yours, and it’s easy to schedule your service appointment. While ordering your parts, check “I would like installation with this part” on our online form. You can opt for installation for just one part or all of them.

We’ll happily assist you, so you’ll return to the road with your Hyundai in peak condition. We also offer rotating service specials, so see if one of our current offers matches your plans. You can make your ideas a reality at a fair price.

Finance Parts & Repairs We understand things pop up that you might not expect. You might suddenly have to have repairs or maintenance done sooner. To make life easier, we offer service and parts financing for any job!

If you’ve applied for financing to lease or finance a car, the process is similar. Complete an online application and, upon approval, review your options. After selecting your plan, come by and get the needed parts, or have our technicians work on your ride!

Signs You Need Service

This isn’t breaking news, but every car, regardless of type, will need regular service to keep moving around the Colorado area. Nowadays, there are a few ways it can tell you it’s time for that oil change, brake replacement, etc.

Dashboard warning lights that are orange, yellow, or red mean there’s an issue with your ride that should be addressed soon if not immediately. Nowadays, newer cars can tell you service is needed via a message that pops up on your infotainment screen or instrument cluster. When you’re overdue for service, you might notice signs like:

  • Burning smells: no, you didn’t leave your oven on. A burning smell coming from a car typically means something is overheated due to lack of oil. For example, if you smell your engine burning or smoking, you’re likely low on oil and need an oil change. There could also be a leak that should be addressed ASAP. When it’s safe, stop driving, turn the car off, let it cool down, then come to our service center.
  • Car pulls to one side of the road: your car will drift naturally if you take your hands off the wheel. However, if it’s pulling to one side of the road consistently and you’re struggling to steer, the alignment might be off or the tires might be worn.
  • Strange noises: similar to a burning smell, strange noises like squealing, knocking, or grinding mean there are one or more worn parts within your ride or you’re low on some kind of fluid, whether that’s engine oil, transmission fluid, etc.
  • Leaks: your car should never leak fluid for any reason. If you notice leaking fluid underneath or on the sides of your car, bring it to our service center ASAP.
  • Dim headlights or difficulty starting: have you noticed your headlights are dimming? Are the lights in your car flickering when you go to start it? Those are signs of a failing battery. Sometimes, all it’ll need is a jump. Our service center can quickly and accurately diagnose your battery’s health and can recommend replacements if needed.

Now that you know these signs, you’ll be better positioned to have your ride serviced on time.

Order Your Parts for Your Next Project

Head to our Hyundai dealership near Littleton, Parker, and Castle Rock, CO, to browse our OEM Hyundai parts in stock. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Ask one of our service technicians for assistance, and they can point you in the right direction. For expert advice and top-of-the-line OEM Hyundai parts, visit us today at McDonald Hyundai.

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