The Hyundai Santa Fe is a dependable midsize SUV that’s great for both commuters and families. Staying on top of your maintenance is the best way to make sure your vehicle stays stylish and on the road for a long time. To show drivers in Littleton, Parker, and Castle Rock, CO, when to schedule an appointment, McDonald Hyundai takes a closer look at the Hyundai Santa Fe maintenance schedule.

Every 7,500 Miles

Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance Schedule Littleton CO

To keep your SUV in good condition, it’s recommended you bring in your Hyundai Santa Fe for maintenance every 7,500 miles. During these routine maintenance trips to the service center, our technicians will inspect some basic parts and systems. Some of the work they’ll perform includes:

  • Oil change and replace engine oil filter
  • Rotate your tires
  • Check the battery
  • Inspect the brake pads
  • Look at the brake lines, hoses, air conditioning system, exhaust pipe, and muffler

Every 15,000 Miles

When you bring your SUV back again, you’ll get all the same maintenance as last time. This time, a technician will usually inspect the tires before rotating them. If the tread is too worn, they’ll give you a new set of tires instead. They’ll also inspect a few more systems and replace some extra parts for you. They will also:

  • Check the brake fluid
  • Inspect driveshafts and boots
  • Look over the vapor hose, fuel filler cap, fuel tank, and fuel filter
  • Replace fuel tank air filter
  • Replace climate control air filter

Every 30,000 Miles

Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance Schedule Littleton CO After you put 30,000 miles on your SUV, your Hyundai Santa Fe should be running like a well-oiled machine. During this appointment, it’ll get another oil change, tire rotation, and a couple of new filters. Just like the last few times, technicians will inspect crucial parts and systems too. Some of the maintenance they’ll perform for the first time includes:

  • Inspect the fuel lines and hoses
  • Replace air cleaner filter

Every 60,000 Miles

Your SUV’s 60,000-mile maintenance visit is a big one. It includes everything your Santa Fe has had on previous trips to the service center. You’ll get another oil change and a thorough inspection. By this time, you may need new brake pads, new brake fluid, a new battery, or a new set of tires. Service technicians will take care of all of that for you.

On top of looking over your fuel, air conditioning, and exhaust systems, they’ll also inspect the drive belts for you.

Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance Schedule Littleton CO Every 97,500 Miles

You can thank routine maintenance for getting your SUV to 97,500 miles. You’re on the verge of hitting six digits on the odometer. To get you over 100,000 miles and keep going, you’ll get the same services as before, plus technicians will give you a new set of spark plugs.

Every 120,000 Miles

Congratulations on putting 120,000 miles on your Hyundai Santa Fe! To make sure your engine is healthy and not overheating, your SUV will get a fresh supply of coolant. As always, technicians will check your other parts, systems, and fluid levels too.

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To learn more about your Hyundai Santa Fe maintenance schedule, visit the service center at McDonald Hyundai. Our certified technicians can help drivers in Littleton, Parker, and Castle Rock, Colorado, take good care of your SUV. We even carry genuine Hyundai parts and accessories to make sure your vehicle gives you the best performance. If you’re coming up on one of these maintenance milestones, schedule service with us online.

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