Hyundai Kona Dashboard Lights

When Hyundai Kona dashboard lights begin to appear, your car is communicating important information. The urgency of these lights vary, so it’s helpful to have a general understanding of what you might see. That way, the next time your car requires maintenance, you’ll know exactly what to do!

McDonald Hyundai is here to help Littleton, Parker, and Castle Rock drivers interpret their Kona dashboard lights. Keep reading to learn about some of the lights you may encounter.

Hyundai Kona Dashboard LightsInformative Lights

Some Hyundai Kona dashboard lights don’t require any action from the driver. They just share information about your car and surroundings.

Icy Road Warning: When the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, this picture of a snowflake will light up. There’s a chance your drive may include ice, so stay vigilant.

Turn Signal Indicator: Activating your turn signal illuminates this light, which shows arrows pointing left and right. It deactivates when your turn is complete.

SPORT Mode Indicator: This light shows the word SPORT inside a box. It means that you are driving in SPORT mode. Use the drive mode button next to your shift switch if you wish to return to NORMAL mode.

System Malfunction Lights Littleton CO System Malfunction Lights

These dashboard lights indicate that a vehicle system requires immediate attention. If you’re not sure what to do about a malfunction, contact an automotive expert.

Charging System Warning: If your engine is running but your battery isn’t charging, this light turns on. It looks like a rectangular battery containing a plus and a minus symbol. If you see it, turn off electric systems such as the radio and contact your service center. Do not turn off the engine, as it may have trouble starting again.

Malfunction Indicator: This light looks like the outline of an engine and appears when you start your Kona. If it stays on for longer than about three seconds, there is an issue with the engine or another part of the powertrain. Do not drive your car—stop immediately and contact your service center.

Engine Oil Pressure Warning: When this light showing a dripping oil can activates, your oil pressure is low. If adding more engine oil doesn’t deactivate the light, there may be a deeper issue.

Hyundai Kona Dashboard Lights Littleton CO Safety Feature Lights

Several of the technologically advanced Hyundai Kona safety features use dashboard lights to signal their status. These features are optional, so not every Kona has these lights.

High Beam Assist Indicator: When this light activates, you’ll see a half-circle with four lines to its left and the word AUTO underneath. Its presence means that High Beam Assist is in use.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist System Warning: This lights up when you start your vehicle, showing a car silhouette with an arrow and a star. If you see it at any other time or it does not turn off after approximately three seconds, there is a malfunction in the system.

Lane Keep Assist Indicator: Drivers will see a light depicting a car between two lane lines.

  • If the light is green, you have successfully activated Lane Keep Assist.
  • If the light is white, the sensor couldn’t detect a lane line or otherwise cannot operate.
  • If the light is yellow, there is a malfunction in the system.

Take your car to your Hyundai dealership if there is any malfunction in one of its safety systems.

More Questions About Hyundai Kona Dashboard Lights?

Now you’re ready to drive with increased confidence, thanks to your deeper knowledge of Hyundai Kona dashboard lights.

McDonald Hyundai encourages Littleton, Parker, and Castle Rock drivers with any further dashboard light questions to get in touch.

Whether you need a system inspection or a new part, our dealership is ready to assist. Schedule a service appointment today for any of your Hyundai Kona needs.

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