Hyundai Tucson Dashboard Lights Littleton COYour Hyundai Tucson dashboard lights use colorful images to communicate important information. So, when a yellow car or red exclamation point lights up before your eyes, what exactly should you do about it?

McDonald Hyundai has put together this dashboard light guide to help out our neighbors near Littleton, Parker, and Castle Rock. Read on to explore some of the icons that your Hyundai Tucson uses to get your attention.

When Should I See Hyundai Tucson Dashboard Lights?

As you start the engine of your Hyundai Tucson, you’ll notice a rainbow of lights appear on your dashboard. This is a normal part of vehicle startup and they are designed to switch off within three to six seconds. If a symbol remains lit afterward, then the Tucson is trying to tell you something.

Hyundai Tucson Dashboard Lights Littleton CO What Is the Charging System Warning Light?

Description: A rectangular battery with plus and minus symbols.

Your Hyundai Tucson should charge its battery whenever the engine is running. This warning light means that your battery is not charging.

Switch off any of the vehicle’s electrical accessories, but don’t stop the engine. Some battery power is necessary to start your car. Move to a location where you can safely service your vehicle before shutting it off.

What Is the Supplemental Restraint System Warning Light?

Description: A seated person protected by a seatbelt and an airbag.

This light indicates a malfunction with the system that controls safety equipment during a collision. You need this system to be in good shape in case of an accident. Take your vehicle to your dealership to be inspected.

What Is the Malfunction Indicator Lamp Light?

Hyundai Tucson Dashboard Lights Littleton CO Description: The outline of an engine.

The emission control system prevents your Hyundai Tucson from expelling too much exhaust and other fumes. This light indicates the system is malfunctioning and you should take your vehicle to a service center.

There is an exception to this definition—it is normal to see this light if you turn on the electrical system without starting the engine.

What Is the Parking Brake & Brake Fluid Warning Light?

Description: An exclamation point and the letter P inside circles. Beneath them, the word BRAKE.

This light can simply mean that your parking brake is applied. If that is not the case, it suggests that your brake fluid levels are low and should be refreshed. If this doesn’t make the light turn off, your brake fluid may be leaking.

Other signs include fluid drips beneath your car or an unusual feel to your brakes. Take your car to your automotive service center if this issue becomes apparent.

Engine Oil Pressure LightWhat Is the Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

Description: An oil can with a drip.

Engines require sufficient oil to run smoothly and this light signals that the oil pressure in your Tucson has fallen too low. Stop your car somewhere safe and check your oil level.

If the level seems fine or adding oil doesn’t deactivate the warning light, contact your dealership. It’s not safe to drive with this light on, and your engine may sustain damage.

Hyundai Tucson Dashboard Lights

After reading this Hyundai Tucson dashboard lights guide, we hope that you feel empowered to make safe and smart auto care choices. If your dashboard lights indicate a need for parts or repairs, get in touch with McDonald Hyundai.

Even if you’re unsure what your Tucson needs, we invite Littleton, Parker, and Castle Rock drivers to reach out—our service center will be ready to lend a hand.

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